Do we require to-do for Enterprises?

It’s believed that a To-Do list management is for the absent minded. Why someone with a good memory requires the list?

We still carry grocery list when we go shopping, have index cards in our pockets with lists that can be scratched.

But, do we seriously need enterprise to-do list? When there are well entrenched solutions like e-mail, chat already being used for generations?

In our view, enterprises should use to-do lists for planning. Planning should start in a simple way. Like a to-do list.

Hey there!

Let’s look at creating a very simple to-do system. But it is not for your personal use or for your team work. There is a plethora of such tools available already and we would suggest you to just go there, use them and be merry.
Automentum is a place where we’re trying to build some thing as simple as a to-do list management system – only thing is it is ready to take on your enterprise.
It would be a fun to create such a system that works for just about every enterprise workforce. And we’ve just started … It will be built in front of you, so, be a part of this creation.
We’ll try to build a system where enterprise users will keep their work items and push through them to get their work done.

Sounds simple, isn’t it?
In coming times, we will look at how intricate the system should be and then we would try to build it for simplicity, every day use.